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Our online only edition provides no printed materials. Just log in and view your reports online with the Value Line M&A Service. The service is designed for investors who are interested in participating in the potential that mergers & acquisitions candidates provide. The objective is to identify companies (one per month) that offer the characteristics, such as a successful product lineup, market position or important technology that would interest larger corporations or private equity firms. When choosing our candidates, we are highly selective. Not only are our selections good M&A material but, in our view, would also make fine holdings in their own right. Thus, we expect that subscribers who follow our recommendations will achieve worthwhile investment returns, with the added possibility of hitting some home runs should acquisitions come about. Every month, we will provide updates to prior recommendations, and include our thoughts in regard to whether they still merit inclusion in an M&A-focused portfolio.


In addition to the special highlight each month on a stock Value Line thinks is a good acquisition candidate, subscribers will receive comprehensive monthly reports that include a detailed discussion of the broader economy and stock market. In that context, our reports will offer concise information and analysis on recently announced acquisitions, as well as deals that were freshly completed. Each one of these research-note style commentaries will contain actionable investment advice that comes directly from Value Line’s research department.


NEW! After recommending a stock, Value Line will alert you by phone or email—as soon as we decide to recommend that our subscribers sell a particular holding. Our reasons for selling a stock can vary: from an issue that has performed very well and we think taking profits now is prudent—to a timely exit on a stock with disappointing news. When we suggest a stock be sold, we encourage you to consider reallocating your capital to other stocks we continue to recommend.

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