Our principal investment service, The Value Line Investment Survey® , provides you with proprietary research and analysis. Choose the equities coverage package that suits your needs.

  • The Value Line Investment Survey® - Smart Investor


    The digital version of our renowned flagship investment research service. This package spans approximately 1,700 analyst-covered stocks in the Value Line universe. The companies our analysts cover in Smart Investor represent more than 90 industries, and constitutes about 90% of total U.S. stock market capitalization. Smart Investor is perfect for generally risk averse investors who prefer stocks of large, well-established and stable companies. With unmatched and unbiased analysis and forecasts to guide your investment decisions, Smart Investor is the key to help you build a winning portfolio. DIGITAL EDITION

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    Item: ER0100
  • The Value Line Investment Survey® - Small Cap Investor

    Approximately 1,700 small- and mid-cap stocks

    Of all the stocks in the Value Line universe, small- to mid-caps have the greatest potential for spectacular, breakout growth. Small- to mid-cap stocks are often thinly traded and not widely held. As a result, their prices are more sensitive to internal and external forces than larger, more-established company stocks. This digital package is an indispensable resource for sophisticated investors pursuing the elevated profit potential (who can also tolerate the equally elevated risk) of small- to mid-cap stocks. It delivers unbiased analysis for the Value Line universe of approximately 1,700 companies with market caps of less than $5 billion. DIGITAL EDITION

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    Item: ER0300
  • The Value Line Investment Survey® - Savvy Investor

    Approximately 3,400 large- mid- and small-cap stocks

    This digital package is the most comprehensive research tool that Value Line offers to non-professional investors. It includes all of The Value Line Investment Survey and The Value Line Small-Cap Investor. If you are serious about building your net worth, let the full power of our exclusive, in-depth research work on your behalf. Savvy Investor is the only package that gives you access to the Value Line universe of approximately 3,400 large, medium and small cap companies across more than ninety industries. Make smart buy/sell/hold decisions by consulting our performance-proven ranks and ratings.

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    Item: ER0200
  • The Value Line Investment Survey® - Investor 900

    600 of the largest cap stocks Plus 300 small & midcap stocks

    This digital package adds analysis of approximately 300 small- and mid-cap stocks to the already powerful Value Line Investor 600. These are taken from our renowned Value Line Investment Survey. At least two stocks are included from each of 90 industries covered by Value Line. DIGITAL EDITION

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    Item: ER0490
  • The Value Line Investment Survey® - Investor 600

    Approximately 600 major large-cap stocks

    This digital package spotlights 600 large, actively traded major market movers — the companies whose operations and performance are intensively covered by analysts, financial press and general media. It is the tool of choice for conservative investors seeking safety and stability, as well as growth. Because of their stability, the stocks of companies in the Investor 600 are likely to increase in value at a slower pace than smaller companies, but offer more safety. When income or long-term capital gains are your goals, Investor 600 is an essential resource. DIGITAL EDITION

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    Item: ER0400
  • The Value Line Investment Survey® - Selection & Opinion

    This is the digital version of Our Selection & Opinion. It brings you Value Line’s latest weekly economic and stock market commentary, along with a host of additional information that can prove invaluable in overseeing your investments. Also as part of your subscription the Selection & Opinion contains four Model Portfolios, each one with a specific investment objective. The portfolios are actively managed, updated each week, and always contain 20 equities each. All in a digital format so you can log in anywhere and have access. DIGITAL EDITION

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    Item: V2W
  • The Value Line INFORMATION YOU SHOULD KNOW - Wealth Newsletter

    Value Line has been providing investment research for over 85 years. Now with The Value Line Information You Should Know Wealth Newsletter we have focused on financial planning and investment issues that matter for today’s investor. Get this digital edition delivered right to your door. DIGITAL EDITION ONLY

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    Item: RNW