All the independent analysis, proprietary Ranks, and information you need to discover timely opportunities, and make smart investment decisions.

  • The Value Line Investment Survey®


    All the information you need to evaluate a stock, on a single page. The Value Line Investment Survey covers the most actively traded stocks on the North American exchanges in more than 90 industries, representing about 90% of the total U.S. stock market capitalization. Our proprietary Ranking System makes it simple to tell whether or not a particular stock is a worthwhile investment. And you can count on our Safety™ rank to help manage your risk. You’ll make more profitable investment decisions using full-page stock reports that are packed with detailed current and historical financial data, 3-to 5- year price and earnings projections, 18-month target price range, and unbiased commentaries from our expert analysts. PRINT EDITION

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    Item: VS1

    Issues Per Year: 52

  • The Value Line Investment Survey® - Small & Mid-Cap

    Approximately 1,800 small- and mid-cap stocks

    If you’re seeking exceptional profit opportunities, and are interested in small and mid-cap stocks The Value Line Investment Survey® — Small & Mid-Cap is your must-have market guide. Our Small & Mid-Cap service applies Value Line’s world-class financial information and quantitative analysis to approximately 1,800 companies with market capitalizations of less than $10 billion. Information about these companies is often hard to find. So reliable, unbiased information about them can be scarce. But hidden among them are gems with the potential to yield spectacular gains. PRINT EDITION

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    Item: SM1

    Issues Per Year: 52

  • The Value Line® 600

    Approximately 600 major large-cap stocks

    The Value Line 600 provides in-depth, independent research on larger and more prominent companies covered in our flagship Investment Survey. We highlight all industries with at least two of the most significant names in each group, helping investors concentrate on those companies that tend to drive their respective sectors. About 80% of these companies pay dividends. In addition to the most distinguished U.S. companies, including the 30 members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and nearly all components of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, 75–100 well-established international entities are tracked and analyzed in The Value Line 600. PRINT EDITION

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    Item: VL6

    Issues Per Year: 12

  • The Value Line Investment Survey® - Selection & Opinion

    The Selection & Opinion (S&O) service brings you Value Line’s latest weekly economic and stock market commentary, along with a host of additional information that can prove invaluable in overseeing your investments. Also as part of your subscription the Selection & Opinion contains four Model Portfolios, each one with a specific investment objective. The portfolios are actively managed, updated each week, and always contain 20 equities each. PRINT EDITION

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    Item: V2X

    Issues Per Year: 52