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Exchange-traded funds can offer instant diversification. With over 2,000 ETFs available today, Value Line Select: ETFs recommends one ETF every month that appears poised to outperform the broader market. Each month, regardless of the market climate, the Value Line Research Department narrows the field and recommends one ETF that we believe offers the best risk/reward ratio. The selection process utilizes the same data and expertise that are hallmarks of The Value Line Investment Survey®. Driven by an industry-focused approach, Value Line Select: ETFs includes a detailed analysis of the recommended ETF, the underlying industry, and the ETF's top holding(s). Exclusive Benefits SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS Your Select: ETFs subscription includes — Custom binder. You'll receive a handsome binder to hold all of your additional monthly issues. New recommendation. Detailed breakdown of each monthly recommendation, including composition and risk/reward analysis. Economic and stock market commentary. Snapshot and examination of the current economic and market climate. Underlying industry. In-depth coverage of the ETF's underlying industry including revenue streams, cost analysis, and roster of top companies in the ETF. Top holding. Commentary on the top company within the recommended ETF. Portfolio updates. Data and analysis on previous monthly selections, along with updated buy, hold, and sell recommendations. INCLUDES PRINT & DIGITAL EDITIONS

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