Value Line Select®: Dividend Income & Growth Online

Our online only edition provides no printed materials so we can pass the savings onto you. Just log in and view your reports online with the Value Line Select®: Dividend Income & Growth Online edition. Every month, Value Line’s Research Department reviews all the dividend-paying stocks in our database of approximately 1,700 major companies. But only one a month qualifies to be the Featured choice of Dividend Income & Growth. The department screens for stocks with strong dividend yields, with a preference for those that have consistently raised their dividends and have the financial strength to continue raising them above the rate of inflation. For a stock to qualify, it must also have a high Safety™ Rank and strong cash flow. Then Dividend Income & Growth recommends the single most attractive stock for increasing your income and financial well-being. The service also identifies another strong dividend-paying stock for your consideration. Dividend Income & Growth pays you twice because, first, recommended stocks are very likely to continue paying and raising their dividends. And second, because they are growth stocks, they have a high probability of appreciating in value in the coming years. Your Dividend Income & Growth subscription includes — Supplementary Reports. Once we recommend a stock, you’ll receive quarterly updates that keep you abreast of company financials, and include updated “buy” and “hold” recommendations. And just as important, our Alerts. When we recommend that you sell a stock, you’ll receive an email or phone notification so you can act on it quickly.

Value Line Select®: Dividend Income & Growth

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