The Value Line Select ® ETF

Every month, regardless of the market climate or outlook, we choose the one ETF that appears poised to outperform the broader market. The selection process utilizes an industry-based approach, and during your subscription, we will recommend ETFs from multiple industries, allowing you to build a well-balanced portfolio. Above all, our selections are driven by the same data-focused analysis that has been the hallmark of Value Line for the past 90 years. Each recommendation includes a detailed report that explains our choice and evaluates the chosen ETF, its holdings, and its underlying industry.


Service Highlights:

  • The State of the Economy — We factor in the important economic drivers such as The Industrial Sector, Consumer Activity, Global Events, and Financial Markets.
  • The Featured Industry — We provide analysis of the underlying industry that’s most pertinent to the selected ETF. Detailed industry analysis of revenue streams, costs, and growth projections, as well as the industry’s strengths, opportunities, and risks.
  • The Recommended ETF — Commentary and analysis on this month’s ETF selection. A variety of tables and charts, illuminating the reasons behind our selection. And a list of the top 10 holdings in the recommended ETF along with a detailed analysis of a key holding.
  • Updates on past ETF Recommendations — Each report will keep you informed with a current analysis of previous monthly selections, including updated buy, hold, and sell recommendations for them.
The Value Line Select ® ETF

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