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The Value Line Research Center is our most complete online investment research service. Providing access to more than 3,000 large-, mid- and small-cap companies across more than 90 industries. Our world-class analyst team searches through a continuous stream of annual and interim reports, prospectuses, SEC filings, press releases and performance indicators to find exceptional smaller stocks and our analysts provide two recommendations every month, along with a detailed report on each aggressive and conservative stock selection. Research Center includes access to: Fund Advisor Plus provides access to the entire Value Line database of no-load and low-load mutual funds, each with its own printable fact sheet and each fully searchable via our online screening tool. This comprehensive service allows you to view, sort, screen, and develop reports on all funds to identify those that meet your specific criteria. Approximately 20,000 mutual funds, including no-load and low-load funds. Grouped into six general categories (general, special, international and partial equity; taxable fixed income and tax-free income). Plus there are 31 subgroups that define each fund by investment objective (e.g., aggressive growth, foreign stock, corporate bonds) and includes an actively managed Model Portfolio that focuses on ETFs across eight major asset classes. The Value Line Options Survey provides the tools to search more than 600,000 options on stocks covering 90% of the market. The New Value Line ETFs Service includes data, information, and analysis on more than 2,800 exchange traded funds (ETFs). The New Value Line ETFs Service includes over 30 fields, including Value Line’s proprietary ETF Rank. The fields are organized into six categories: Top Criteria, Description, Fees/Expenses, Performance, Portfolio Composition, and Fundamentals. Each Value Line ETF report contains a great deal of information, data, and analysis on each ETF, including an overview of that fund, risk statistics, fundamentals, and a holdings summary. Graphical representations of recent performance, asset allocation, and trading volume are also provided. The Value Line Special Situations provides two stock recommendations every month, one Aggressive and one Conservative, along with a detailed analysis of each and an explanation of why we are suggesting it for purchase. We also continue to review each selection on a regular basis until we advise you to sell.

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